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  • How to fix iphone 6's protruding camera

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 01 October 2014


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  • Has Apples UX Team Failed

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 26 September 2014

    Nowadays , Apple iPhone 6 Plus started bending in pockets, iPhone 6 Plus users started complaining about the issue around the world , You-Tubers are making videos about how iPhone 6 plus bended. It is easy to complain always , lets see the real problem here and Lets do not face the same issue again.
    There ...

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  • iPhone 6 review

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 25 September 2014

    Bigger, better, sleeker and faster
    Despite record sales, Apple was heading for a fall. Not this year, or the next. But the brand had been trading on the same phone for four years and something big was needed to keep it current.
    So with that, the iPhone 6, and its bigger brother, ...

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  • 2014 Mac mini release date

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 18 June 2014

    It's been well over a year since Apple last updated the Mac mini. The last update was on 23 October 2012 and even those changes were modest. The whole of 2013 passed and the Mac mini languished untouched by Apple. Therefore it's not surprising that many are asking the question: "When is the new Mac mini ...

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  • Robotic iPhone

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 04 October 2013

    Motrr Galileo robotic iPhone mount to finally ship in November
    Today seems to be the day for delayed Kickstarter projects to announce that they're finally going to ship. Earlier it was the Narrative Clip, now the long-delayed Motrr Galileo robotic iPhone platform is available for pre-order at 10 ...

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