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  • Posted by DCC Scotland on 04 October 2013

Motrr Galileo robotic iPhone mount to finally ship in November
Today seems to be the day for delayed Kickstarter projects to announce that they're finally going to ship. Earlier it was the Narrative Clip, now the long-delayed Motrr Galileo robotic iPhone platform is available for pre-order at 10 percent off list price at US$149.95 and will ship next month. The device caught the attention of the iOS community last year when the remote control mount was first outed on Kickstarter. Galileo can pan and tilt a full 360 degree at speeds of up to 200 degree per second. An app will provide controls for the mount, or a web browser can be used from anywhere to aim your iPhone. There will be two different versions of Galileo; one that has a 30-pin connector and another equipped with Bluetooth. Both can be mounted on a standard tripod, can work to charge your iPhone or iPod touch and have a lithium-polymer battery to power the precise pan and tilt motors. Read more

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