Windows 10 Release Date

  • Posted by DCC Scotland on 10 November 2014

Microsoft said at a 30 September launch event that the Windows 10 release date will be in mid 2015, but hasn't revealed exactly when. It also released a Technical Preview showing off some of the key features.

Windows Technical Preview is a work-in-progress version of Windows 10 intended for use by PC experts and IT professionals.

People who fall into these categories can join the Insider Programme, which gives early access to not just Windows 10 but all future versions of Windows.

The first update for Windows 10 Technical Preview, Build 9860, was released on 22 October and is being rolled out to those in the Insider Programme. It includes a notification centre, which has been brought over from Windows Phone, a keyboard shortcut for moving apps between screens, and new animation for switching desktops. The update also includes a battery saving option, data use monitor and settings for how Windows Insiders receive new builds.

At TechEd Europe in October, corporate VP for the Microsoft OS group, Joe Belfiore, revealed a handful of new "power user" features. These included support for new trackpad gesture shortcuts, similar to those seen in Mac OS X, and enhanced Aero Snap window snapping for multiple monitors. He also promised more details of end user features would be revealed in the new year.

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