Has Apples UX Team Failed

  • Posted by DCC Scotland on 26 September 2014

Nowadays , Apple iPhone 6 Plus started bending in pockets, iPhone 6 Plus users started complaining about the issue around the world , You-Tubers are making videos about how iPhone 6 plus bended. It is easy to complain always , lets see the real problem here and Lets do not face the same issue again.
There is always loop with the same problems , a lot of people facing the same issue but these Datas are not used very well to avoid from same problem again in the future. Datas are kept in the database and they are abandoned because Problems are solved somehow by Customer Care etc. The datas generated by specific problem loses its importance.

I think this is very much UX issue. UX team makes some tests on people to create better product according to their behaviors, attitudes, and emotions when they are using a particular product which is going to release as a next product. This is really good. What is the problem here ? The problem is very simple to understand. Because, UX team is creating the test cases for new product without looking real previous experiences of their users on similar products in this case iPhone 5. Previous experiences ? I am talking about customer complaints on iPhone 5. The picture proofs that iPhone 5 having the same issue and Apples UX Team didnt know about this so at the end iPhone 6 plus having the same bendgate issue. It is seems that they dont work well with Apples Customer Care Department which stores the real User Experiences UX data. That's why they have failed ! The complaints Database is not used or is not used well.

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