iPhone 6 review

  • Posted by DCC Scotland on 25 September 2014

Bigger, better, sleeker and faster
Despite record sales, Apple was heading for a fall. Not this year, or the next. But the brand had been trading on the same phone for four years and something big was needed to keep it current.
So with that, the iPhone 6, and its bigger brother, the iPhone 6 Plus, were born to keep Apple at the sharp end of a market that was starting to lust after powerful, big screen smartphones with clever and premium design.
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The iPhone 6 certainly addresses a number of the problems Apple had developed, coming with a much larger screen (although not dramatically increasing the size of the phone) a boosted processor, better camera, improved battery and crucially: overhauled design.
This is the sixth iPhone I've reviewed now, and there's a real sense that this one is really rather different.
I wrote last year that Apple was becoming more aware that the time when it could define what consumers would buy in the smartphone is ending � and with the 4.7-inch screen, it's clearly had to admit defeat in the smaller screen market.
There will be some that will miss that screen size, maintaining that they don't want a bigger display on their phone � but nearly all of those people won't have spent any appreciable time with a larger device, and I believe that a good portion of you thinking you need a smaller phone will quickly come to appreciate the power a bigger handset brings without hurting quality.
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