Backup Solutions

Backup Solutions for your business

If your business doesn't have a backup strategy, you could be out of business in a heartbeat

What would you do if your computer died right now?

Gone. No time to backup all your email, documents, projects and client details. No time to backup your precious contact list and calendar, or your accounting software. All gone. Forever. Can you afford to start again from scratch? Even if you can get the business back on its feet, will your customers ever trust you again?

It can happen to you - fire, flood, theft, virus, power surge, hardware failure, a disgruntled employee and plain old human error are just some of the threats to your computers and your precious data. What if you couldn't get to your computer?

It might seem melodramatic, but these scenarios are not far-fetched. Your business needs a data backup strategy, and a business continuity and disaster recovery plan. A good business continuity plan keeps essential aspects of the business up and running while you enact your disaster recovery plan to get back to business as usual.

Backup Solutions

Easy Replication to the Cloud

Replicating backups offsite to the DCCScotland Backup Service cloud is a quick, simple way to protect data in the event of a disaster. DccScotland Cetral Storage, 24x7 operations center, manages all monitoring, alerting and management of offsite data -- providing full data visibility and access while keeping your data safe .

Private cloud storage

The addition of site-to-site replication to the local and cloud options previously available, gives customers absolute control over where they store their data. DccScotland Backup Service offers three deployment options for creating private-cloud data storage through site-to-site replication technology:

Replication among DCC Scotland Backup Device; each server backs up data locally then sends the data offsite to DCC Scotland Backup Servers at other locations.

What We Offer

  • Backups stored in .vmdk format – in event of hardware failure run your client's business from our device on site or your cloud
  • Allows for complete piece of mind – data stored securely on DCC Scotland device on-site and to the cloud off-site
  • Improved Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) – Instant Virtualisation – On and Off-Site
  • Improved Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) – Configurable recovery point intervals as frequent as every 5 minutes
  • No danger of incremental chain corruption due to ShadowSnap Agent
  • Each backup is a bootable machine – ideal testbed environment

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