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  • Is Xfce better than Windows 10?

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 24 January 2017

    One of the best things about Linux is the range of choices it offers when it comes to desktop environments. There really is a Linux desktop for everybody out there, no matter what hardware ...

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  • How to set up Cortana on Windows 10 in UK

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 25 February 2016

    If you haveve got Window 10 you will no doubt notice the presence of Microsoft own voice-controlled personal assistant, Cortana. As long as you are happy for Microsoft to pick up your internet habits, Cortana can be a very useful tool, capable of writing emails, setting reminders, ...

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  • You'll love Windows 10

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 04 August 2015

    Are you a Windows 8 user? Still using Windows 7? Either way, you'll love Windows 10.

    Over the six years since Windows 7 was released, Microsoft has made its PC operating system far more intuitive and powerful by packing it with tablet- and smartphone-like features.

    A lot of those features ...

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  • Download Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 26 January 2015

    Follow these steps to download Technical Preview:

  • Windows 10 Release Date

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 10 November 2014

    Microsoft said at a 30 September launch event that the Windows 10 release date will be in mid 2015, but hasn't revealed exactly when. It also released a Technical Preview showing off some of the key features.

    Windows Technical Preview is a work-in-progress version of Windows 10 intended ...

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  • How To Install Windows 10 Technical Preview In A Sandbox

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 25 October 2014

    If you love Windows and just can't wait for the final public release of Windows 10 then don't worry Windows 10 Technical Preview is here and available to download and install at your leisure. Microsoft made the OS available for download recently and it's available free of charge.

    If you want ...

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  • Windows 10 Release Mid of 2015

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 08 October 2014

    Windows 10 release date Microsoft has stated that Windows 10 will launch "later in the year" in 2015, so we won't get the April release we were hoping for. But it has also said that it will share more about "universal apps" at its annual Build conference next April. The Technical Preview licence runs ...

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