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  • Why Windows 7 users still need to worry about WannaCry ransomware

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 23 May 2017

    If you have not yet heard about the WannaCry ransomware worm that is wreaking havoc on PCs around the globe, we guess you are an Eastern mystic just aroused from weeks of deep meditation.

    The malware that locks up data files on infected computers and demands Bitcoin payments for their ...

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  • This Week in Security News

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 17 May 2016

    Welcome to our weekly roundup, where we share what you need to know about the cybersecurity news and events that happened over the past few days.

    Below you will find a quick recap of topics followed by links to news articles and/or ...

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  • Uninstall Apple QuickTime to Protect Your PC

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 17 May 2016

    Recently, Apple made an announcement that everyone should be familiar with.

    They announced that they are no longer supporting QuickTime for Microsoft Windows. In particular, they are not going to fix any more security vulnerabilities in it.

    There are already two known security ...

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  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Released

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 22 April 2016

    It is finally here: the stable Ubuntu 16.04 LTS release is now available to download.

    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) is supported for 5 years with critical security, bug and app updates from Canonical, the company that makes Ubuntu.

    Download ...

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  • You Should Update Adobe Flash Right Now

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 11 April 2016

    Or you'll be exposed to hackers

    Adobe issued a security update April 7 that addresses what the software maker calls 'critical vulnerabilities' in its Flash Player that could allow ...

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  • Why Apple vs the FBI affects all of us

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 18 March 2016

    Apple versus the FBI: which side are you on? Few technology stories, and even fewer cyber security issues, have broken into the mainstream media quite like this one. But the outcome of this epic tussle has hugely important implications for all of us - businesses and consumers alike. Apple ...

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  • Cyber criminals from across the world target UK victims

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 18 March 2016

    Cyber criminals from across the world are targeting UK victims financial and personal information, according to cyber security researchers that have been analysing how different countries use the dark web. 

    UK-based dark web forums - ...

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  • The Worst Christmas Present You Ever Had. Love, McAfee.

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 04 December 2015

    It is getting to that time of year when thoughts turn to peace and goodwill, and we look to reward those who have worked hard and the customers who have stayed loyal.

    Which is why the big bag of coal that McAfee has dropped in your Christmas stocking this year is an especially nasty ...

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  • Microsoft Small Business Server

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 11 June 2014

    Small Business Server (SBS) is a powerful server and internet gateway solution tailored for small businesses. It provides all the necessary features and services that a small business will need in a computer server.
    The Small Business Server will allow you to better store, manage and protect your ...

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  • Samsung Galaxy Gear

    Posted by DCC Scotland on 15 September 2013

    The Samsung Galaxy Gear is now official, taking on the likes of Sony's SmartWatch 2 and the range of fitness trackers like the Jawbone UP and the FuelBand.
    The Samsung Galaxy Gear has been officially unveiled at IFA 2013 during the Samsung Unpacked event. The Galaxy Gear will launch sporting a 1.63-inch ...

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